UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships 2019 Emmen

The UCI Para-Cycling World Championships Road 2019, were held from 11 – 15 September in Emmen. A great achievement for Team TOC and its organization partners after the organization of the World Cups in 2017 and 2018.

The organization of this para-cycling trilogy has been very special, as Team TOC worked together with three local sports clubs. The sports clubs were responsible for all the 120 volunteers and the local cycling club supported us by developing the courses.
We love to work in the province of Drenthe”says director Eric Kersten, who organized the Red Bull Kop over Kop event in the province in addition to the two World Cups in recent years. “Drenthe is cycling. The love for the bicycle is deeply rooted in the province. In addition, the involvement in Drenthe is really unique. For example, the WSV Emmen cycling club, the EAC De Sperwers athletic club and the Emmen Handicapped Sports Club Emmen have done a lot of work with us over the past two years.”

Furthermore several of side-events were organized during the world championships, for example a sports festival was organized and since 2015 various spin-off programs have been organized for various target groups with the aim of getting more people to participate in society.