Valkenburg 2012

Florence 2013

Ponferrada 2014

UCI Cycling Road World Championships

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Team TOC represented the interests of  UCI partners at the Road Cycling World Championships in Valkenburg, Florence and Ponferrada. 

For the 2012 World Championships in Valkenburg Team TOC was asked to represent the interests of the UCI partners Mapei, Shimano, Skoda, Tissot, EBU and Tacx. This made us responsible for making good on the contractual promises that the UCI had made to its partners, which mainly concerned exposure in the form of advertising banners, archways and logos.

After those World Championships, we signed a contract with the UCI for a term until 2014. Consequently, we provided these services in Florence (Italy, 2013) and were also involved at Ponferrada (Spain, 2014).

Team TOC shown what it stands for: being well organized and delivering our partners what they have asked for. A great job done on several occasions!

Gerrit MiddagMarketing and events director UCI